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KS1 Teachers' Notes

Travel Time contains 10 interactive stories written by primary teachers for KS1 children. Ideally, the stories should be presented on an interactive whiteboard, but the program can also be played by pupils in an ICT suite or on an individual computer.

Travel Time introduces several basic aspects of public transport - buses, trains and trams, including:

  • using timetables to plan journeys
  • environmental benefits
  • bus stops, stations and platforms
  • buying tickets
  • road signs
  • safe and socially responsible behaviour
  • car sharing
  • park and stride schemes

School 'walking buses' and safe cycling are also introduced.

Each story contains an interactive game related to the theme of the story and a fun multiple-choice quiz at the end to check pupils' understanding. The interactive can be played when the 'game' button at the bottom of the screen flashes, or at the end of the story. Closing the game returns the user to the story. The narration can be switched on or off by clicking the 'voice' button. Select the 'menu' button to choose another story, or return to the letzgogreen home page.

Below are teachers' notes to accompany the stories. Developed with teachers, each document contains syllabus links, suggested cross-curricular activities and 2 worksheets related to the story.

You can either download all the notes and worksheets for KS1 in one document or download separate sets of notes and worksheets for each story.

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The documents are in PDF format. You need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.