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KS2 Teachers' Notes

Travel Spotters contains 10 comic strips and 10 interactive tasks for KS2 children. Ideally, the comic strips should be presented on an interactive whiteboard, but the program can also be played by pupils in an ICT suite or on an individual computer.

Travel Spotters assumes junior pupils have experience of public transport and are familiar with travelling by bus, train or tram. The humorous storylines feature young teenage characters who can travel independently and use transport as part of their daily lives.

The comic stories and games are divided into two levels of difficulty. The Level 1 materials are more suited to younger/less able pupils. Older/more able pupils will find the Level 2 comics and games more challenging. However, all pupils are recommended to start at Level 1 as these comic and games contain important learning points about sustainable transport.

Use the forwards/backwards arrows, or the slider at the bottom of the screen to move through a comic strip. The voice over can be switched on/off as required using the button at the top of the comic's interface.

Level 1 games

  • Travel Trumps - select the most appropriate method of transport for a particular journey
  • CCTV - identify dangerous and anti-social behaviour
  • Tick Tock Which Clock? - time telling activity
  • Townville - spot road dangers
  • Multiple Choice Quiz - questions about roads and transport

Level 2 games

  • Using Timetables - journey planning activity (more involved and requires more time)
  • Terrific Ticket - addition, subtraction and money activity
  • Carbon Race - different modes of transport and their carbon emissions
  • Map Game - map reading and using keys
  • Town Planner - understanding road crossings and safety features

Closing a game returns the user to the comic strip and once an activity has been played, the corresponding yellow 'game' button turns to grey. Select the 'menu' button to choose another comic strip, or return to the letzgogreen home page.

Below are teachers' notes to accompany the Travel Spotters interactive material. Developed with teachers, each document contains syllabus links, suggested cross-curricular activities and 2 worksheets related to the story.

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The documents are in PDF format. You need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.