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This section contains links to useful websites.

Website with local public transport information for the West Midlands. Includes timetables and information on ticketing and concessionary fares.

Online journey planning tool.

School TravelWise is a new website with direct links to information such as journey planning, real time bus and rail information (where available), bus stop locations, cycling and walking routes, walking buses, school crossing patrols, park and stride locations and pedestrian crossing facilities which are all incorporated onto a bespoke school specific webpage.

Information about travelling sustainably and how Centro's Sustainable Travel Team can help schools with travel plans.

Link to Centro's Travel Training Guide aimed at Special Schools and people with learning and mental health difficulties. It is a guide to educate people on how they may be able to set up a travel training scheme within their own organisation.

This is a walking journey planning website, it details distance travelled, calories burned and CO2 emissions saved.

This is a cycling journey planner to plan your journeys by bike.

Information on international and national walk to school week campaigns.

Information on the Eco-Schools scheme that gets everyone in the school involved in improving the school environment.

Information sheet for parents and schools on Pupils engagement and participation in STP's. Plus a range of curriculum and other resources.

Safer Travel Partnership is made up of Centro, West Midlands Police, British Transport Police and Transport Operators and exists to make public transport in the West Midlands even safer.

Educational resource about sustainable travel created for 11-14 year olds by Centro, the West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority.

Safeside at Eastside and Safeside at Handsworth are two experiential learning centres that provide innovative, interactive and enjoyable learning environments, inspiring visitors to think and act safely.