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Why should your child travel by public transport?

As a parent or guardian it's your responsibility to ensure your children arrive at school on time and safely.

There are lots of options for travelling to school from walking, cycling, using public transport or going by car. Finding the best option for your child and yourself is important but taking them in the car may not always be the best solution.

Walking and cycling encourages your child to have an active lifestyle as well as helping the environment. These forms of travel also mean that they will not get caught up in congestion and traffic and get to see more of their local area.

Using public transport can also help to reduce congestion and help the environment. Using public transport can help your children to become more confident when travelling and can help them to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Planning a cycling journey

Cycling is a cheap, environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to the car and is perfect for short trips to school.

Encourage your child to plan a journey to school by bike, just log on to www.transportdirect.info and use the cycling journey planner to plan your child's route.

Planning a walking journey

Walking is free, easy and a great way to see your local area. Encourage your child to consider walking to school, show them the www.walkit.com website and help them plan their route from home to school. The route plan shows you the map of the route, calories burned, distance and CO2 saved.

Planning a journey by public transport

Involving your child in planning their public transport journey can be fun and it can also teach them new skills and make them more independent.

Use the online journey planner where you can plan the journey from home to school and look at the different options available.

Speak to the school about any private school bus services they run - information about these is not always available from the above sources.

Visit a Network Travel Information Centre at Birmingham New Street Train Station or Wolverhampton Bus Station for copies of timetables and information on tickets and fares.

For more help and advice to assist your child to use public transport please download our Parent/Guardian Guide:

Ticketing information

Log on to www.networkwestmidlands.com and click on tickets and look at the different ticket options available.


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